Welcome to my site, hopefully this site will give you a taste of my work and what i am about. Starting with me, from a young age i was into photography, given a camera by my dad at 7 or 8 i got right into it, at around 10 i won some local competions for youth and had my photographs exhibited by the PAGB in Koblenz Cathedral.


Move on a few years and i had my first exhibition on my own, in the Norwich Maddermarket Theatre, followed a year later by the Norwich Assembly Rooms, I have also been a regular contributor to the Art of Norwich project in St Margerets church,Norwich, in late 2015 i won the FANN(Festival of Architecture in Norwich and Norfolk) 1st Prize for contempory architecture photography.


I dont see photography as my job but more as a serious hobby which occasionally pays a wage. In my real life away from the internet i also happen to work in a photographic showroom and advise people who are just starting out or full on Professionals.


I shoot mainly with either Nikon or Olympus digital camera's and dabble in film formats, mainly 120,35mm and 8mm movie film.